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Rene Freingruber

SEC Consult
Senior Security Consultant
René Freingruber has been working as a professional security consultant for SEC Consult for several years. He operates research in the fields of malware analysis, reverse engineering, fuzzing and exploit development. For his bachelor thesis he studied modern mitigation techniques and how they can be bypassed by attackers. In the course of that research he came across Microsofts Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and gave various talks on bypassing EMET in 2014 at conferences such as RuxCon, ToorCon, ZeroNights, DeepSec, 31C3 and NorthSec. In 2015 he presented talks on bypassing application whitelisting at CanSecWest, DeepSec, IT-SeCX, BSides Vienna, QuBit, NorthSec and Hacktivity. In 2016 he presented the topic of hacking companies via memory corruptions in firewalls at DeepSec, BSides Vienna, DSS ITSEC and IT-SeCX (lightning talks at Hack.lu and Recon Europe). Since 2017 he works full time as researcher in the field of fuzzing and gave talks on that subject at DefCamp, Heise devSec, IT-SeCX, BSides Vienna and RuhrSec. As major trainer of the secure C/C++ programming, reverse engineering and red teaming trainings from SEC Consult and lecturer at similiar courses at the universities of applied science St. Pölten and JKU he gained a lot of experience in teaching complex topics in a simple to understand way.