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Robert Sell

Robert is a Senior IT Manager in the aerospace industry where he spends most of his time managing InfoSec teams. While his teams focus on the traditional blue/red team exercises, lately he has spent an increasing amount of time building defenses against social engineering. Robert has spoken about the rising SE risk at numerous events and on different security podcasts. 

In 2017 he competed at the Social Engineering Village Capture the Flag contest at Defcon 25. He placed third in this contest and since then has been teaching organizations how to defend against SE attacks and reduce the OSINT footprint. 

Robert is the creator of the Trace Labs Organization which is a crowd sourced OSINT platform for locating missing persons. The organization is also creating a OSINT curriculum for first responders. 

Robert is also a nine year veteran with Search & Rescue in British Columbia, Canada. In his SAR capacity, Robert is a Team Leader, Trainer, Marine Rescue Technician, Swift Water Technician and Tracker. While one may think that SAR has little do to with InfoSec, tracking lost subjects in the back country has many of the same qualities as tracking individuals or organizations online with OSINT. 

Robert grew up on a small fishing resort where he would have new friends every two weeks (he claims this had no psychological impact but we are not sure). When he has time, he enjoys super long (all day) runs in the mountains. He does at least one ultra run (50km) trail run per year.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 5

11:00 CEST